Chernobyl Children Fun Day

A group of ten youngsters from Chernobyl were treated to a fantastic day of fun by the Lions of Ringwood and Fordingbridge. On Saturday 3rd July 2010 they arrived at Millstream Model Racing in Ringwood. This is an indoor model car racing track eight lanes wide and the fun is fast and furious. Once the youngsters get hold of the controls there is just one speed......flat out!!!!!  So the Lions positioned themselves around the track at every bend ready to put cars back on the track. They were kept very busy for the 90 minutes that we had booked for racing.

From the racing cars they all transferred to the garden of Lion Bill Andrews for a barbeque. While the racing was going on other Lions were preparing the food, 96 sausages, 96 burgers (5 left over) a giant tin of beans and a huge pot of onions all disappeared in a very short space of time. Then it was a free for all in the garden. Trampoline, tree house, rope swing, footballs and frisbees were all well used. We finished off with a few (dis)organised races. Three legged race, piggy back race and a water relay race. These races proved that the ingenuity of trying to gain an advantage over the opposition knows no international boundaries. (It could have been looked on as cheating, but not today, it was good honest fun).

The afternoon wound up to a chorus of thank yous but the laughter and the smiling faces were all the thanks we wanted.

We all look forward to a new bunch of kids coming to see us next year.

Our thanks go to Lion Bill and his wife Sara along with their son Mark and his wife Debbie for allowing us the run of their garden.

The end of the day

More photos here