New Forest for Ukraine

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On Saturday 9 September members of Ringwood & Fordingbridge Lions Club travelled to Lymington for the day to help New Forest for Ukraine pack much-needed supplies of donated clothing, toys, footwear, blankets, and medical supplies, into boxes destined for hospitals and aid centres located in Ukraine and Poland. New Forest For Ukraine has access to two warehouses in Lymington donated to them free of charge where they assemble daily huge amounts of donated items that are desperately needed by those who have lost everything because of the war in Ukraine. John Allison who runs the enterprise explained that they have been generously gifted unwanted PPE, equipment, hospital beds and mattresses from the NHS and these together with Generators, clothing, toys, food, medical supplies and much more leave Lymington by lorry destined for Poland and Ukraine every 3 weeks. Lions Club President, Stephen Sherring was amazed at the scale of the operation and the generosity of the public who help donate so much to them each week explaining "the dedication of the volunteers who work tirelessly in their Lymington Warehouse to make sure every lorry load destined for Ukraine is full to bursting with essentials that we all take for granted here is incredibly humbling, and it is both our honour and pleasure to spend the day helping them with this amazing work". There are collection points assembled all over the New Forest for anyone who would like to donate items needed for aid centres and hospitals in Ukraine.

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