Charter 2014

Our Charter Dinner for 2014 was held at the Tyrrells Ford Country Inn at Avon on Saturday 14th June. We had seventy guests in attendance and all enjoyed an excellent meal amongst friends. Pictured below are some of those who joined us.

Cathy and Steve                                    Chris, Ann and Cathy

           Cathy and Lion President Stephen                                                                                       Chris Ann and Cathy

President's Speech                                    Martin's Chevron Presentation

                        Steve's Speech                                                                                               Martin receives his Chevron

President Stephen and CathyDavid and Jean

      Lion President Stephen and his wife Cathy                               Past Chairman of Council Lion David Firth and his wife Jean

John and Frances                                    Sandra and Arthur 

                John Apps and Frances Bond                                                                           Sandra and Arthur Poulton

Brian and Vanda                                    Martin and Sue

                        Brian and Vanda                                                                                        Martin and Sue

Yorky                                                        Dot

                 Yorky, Master of Ceremonies                                                                             Happy Birthday Dot

President's Speech                                    David's Speech

                       President's Speech                                                                                          David's Speech

Deputy Mayor of Ringwood                                    Tombola Prizes

Deputy Mayor of Ringwood Councilor Michael Thierry                                                                Tombola Prizes

                and Councillor Christine Ford

Teresa, Anne, Steve and Cathy                                    Martin MJF

            Teresa, Anne Steve and Cathy                                                                                Martin, Melvin Jones Fellow

Glenda and Thea                                    Steve and Lynden

                         Glenda and Thea                                                                                         Steve and Lynden

David and Jean                                    David, Jean, Steve and Cathy

                           David and Jean                                                                                David, Jean, Steve and Cathy

Dot and David                                    Geoff and Julie

                           Dot and David                                                                            Geoff, Melvin Jones Fellow and Julie

Jenny and Cathy                                   DSC00098

                         Jenny and Cathy                                                                                                  David and Steve

Brian, Yorky and Barrie                                    Sue, Glenda and Martin

                     Brian, Yorky and Barrie                                                         Sue, Glenda and Martin. That's Martin in the bowtie.

Brian and David                                    Vanda and Jean                           Brian and David                                                                                                         Vanda and Jean